Sounds of Light Talent Quest

‘Sounds of Light’ is discovering a new generation of inspirational stars in Australia and this star could be you! 

Got Talent?

Young Australians are encouraged to participate in the Talent Quest, to accompany the Sounds of Light Charity Concert in February 2016 for the benefit of orphans and children living in poverty.

To find out more about Sounds Of Light Charity Concert, please visit www.soundsoflight.com.au

Talent exists in many forms – If you are good at something and love it, then it is a talent.

When you nurture your talent, you grow within and help influence people around you.

MPs, leaders, writers, scholars, actors and film producers are much needed living models for the Muslim community. Develop and nurture your talents for the good of others.

How do you use your talent?

Discover your talent and reach your true potential!

  • Use your talent  to inspire positive change and make a difference in the life of others
  • Be proud of your cultural heritage and natural talent
  • Develop  and make the most of  your talents for the good of others
  • Always remember talent is a gift to you from your Creator

Sounds of Light Talent Quest an initiative by  Human Appeal Australia Community Care (HAACC)

HAACC is a new enterprise, launched by Human Appeal International  Australia, with the mission to assist and empower the vulnerable people of Australia
from all walks of life and backgrounds; including refugees, migrants, elders and youth.

  • Delivering  needs-based community activities, programs and events to combat social isolation and disengagement.
  • Offer financial assistance for Australians struggling to afford the basics of life,
  • Provide Humanitarian aid support during natural disasters and emergencies in Australia.

Youth is a core project for HAACC, Through Talent Quest we  intend to use  art to give young people a platform to realise their potential, All young people deserve access to performing and creative expression, as well as opportunities, regardless of their background. Through Talent Quest we want to:

  • Encourage young people to aspire, to dream and to exercise their right to express themselves through
  • Boost confidence in children and young people for better leadership qualities.
  • Reach out to vulnerable young people, who feel alienated and marginalised.
  • Provide an outlet for young people to feel connected to the community to make a positive contribution to society away from existing stereotypes and misconceptions.
  • Increase the positive experience of multicultural performing arts and culture to promote social cohesion in Australia.
  • Utilise our local talents to help the needy children of the world.

We believe there are no limits to what our youth can achieve, and what we as a community can accomplish  when we come together and share our talents and skills.



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